- Indexed Medical References is a database which cumulates references and abstracts of a selection of medical studies. Those studies have been selected because they are good evidence: methodologically sound and relevant to daily medical practice.

The main difference with other medical bibliographical databases is that each study is indexed by: 1) disease or condition: patients concerned, 2) the intervention tested (for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, etc), 3) the comparison employed, and 4) the main outcome measured to evaluate the intervention. This is, in fact, an indexing based in the 4 components of a focused clinical question as teached in Evidence Based Medicine, as the first objective of this database is to help the busy clinician to quickly access good-quality evidence important for his/her practice.

This method allows to have a quick view of the main features of each study, and, more important, to build much more informative indexes: you can browse this database by the disease/conditions or interventions tested, or search for trials on a specific intervention, therapy or diagnostic test, in a particular disease, eventually combined with other criteria.

Regularly, several related articles are grouped in a Theme, a particular interesting topic, usually new or controversial. Use "Browse by theme" to see the list of all available themes and navigate them or search for a theme selecting this field in the search page.

This selection of articles is not, of course, exhaustive, and no strict rules for selecting articles - other than being methodologically correct and relevant to actual practice - are imposed. The present database is mainly focused in internal medicine and main medical specialities. Other database specifically focused in atrial fibrillation exists at References on Atrial Fibrillation. Further adaptations of this model are possible.

Collectio Articuli is entirely access-free. The code of the application is open source and is available under the GNU General Public License to be copied, modified or distributed: see the available downloads. For more information about the technical details see the Readme file

This project is in constant evolution and development. Comments, suggestions and collaborations are wellcome, see e-mail below.

Last main update : 03/December/2009. 
New articles are added frequently. To see the latest, use "Browse by date".

Carmelo Lafuente-Lafuente. MD, PhD.
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