N Engl J Med. 2018 02 22;378(8):708-718 Randomized Controlled Trial, Multicenter Study
IN stroke, ischemic, cerebral infarction, 6 to 16 h of onset, proximal arterial occlusion in the anterior cerebral circulation, volume of ischemic tissue on perfusion imaging to infarct volume of 1.8 or more The Use of
endovascular treatment: thrombectomy, late
As Treatment, Acute
Is better Than
standard care
To improve at 3 months functional independence (45% thrombectomy VS 17% controls). Mortality was also some improved (14% thrombectomy VS 26% controls, p=0.05)
Cell. 2013 Jun 6;153(6):1194-217 Review (Narrative)
IN aging The Use of
nine tentative hallmarks: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication
As Etiologic risk factor
Is useful Than
no comparison here
To help understand and study aging
JAMA. 2008 Jan 2;299(1):39-52 Randomized Controlled Trial
IN aging, hormonal decline The Use of
testosterone supplementation
As Treatment, Chronic
Is equal Than
To modify at 6 months functional mobility, muscle strength, cognitive function or bone mineral density. Lean body mass increased and metabolic effects were mixed.
PLoS One. 2015;10(7):e0132909 Cohorts
IN aging, pathological, old people, multimobidity patterns The Use of
four multimorbidity patterns: Cardiovascular, Induced Dependency (around cognitive decline and dementia), Falls and Osteoarticular
As Etiologic risk factor
Is useful Than
no comparison done
To identify diseases and/or geriatric syndromes that cluster into patterns