Default page is a server for medical applications. The objective is to develop and make available tools to help evidence based practice and facilitate knowledge translation in medicine.

The following pages and applications are freely accessible:
  • Selected Medical Links > A selection of links to useful, freely accesible, biomedical resources on the web: databases, journals, books, EBM, directories...
    Also available in XML format, with its coupled DTD definition and XSL stylesheet if you want ot save it into your computer.
  • Meta Query > A tool for querying successively the most important medical bibliographical databases, using different filters, from a single and simple interface.
  • Indexed Medical References > References and abstracts of relevant and recently published medical articles, indexed by disease/condition, intervention tested (either diagnostic or therapeutic), comparison and main outcome. These indexes make easier to navigate and search this database.
    The code of this application is open source, see the downloads.
  • References on Atrial Fibrillation > Another database of medical references, with the same basic structure and functioning than the previous one, but specifically dedicated to Atrial fibrillation. 

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Author: Carmelo Lafuente-Lafuente, MD, PhD.
First created: 2003 June 21
Last updated: 2019 December 01
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